TPB release Continuing Professional Education requirements

MEDIA RELEASE: 4th June 2012

Today the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) launched a new continuing professional education (CPE) policy for tax and Business Activity Statement (BAS) Agents.

The CPE policy is an important step in assuring the community that tax and BAS agents meet appropriate standards of ethical and professional conduct. The policy will assist tax practitioners to maintain up-to-date and relevant knowledge and skills to comply with their obligations under the Code of Professional Conduct (Code).

Chair of the TPB, Dale Boucher, said ‘a key part of the Code is for tax and BAS agents to maintain knowledge and skills relevant to the tax agent or BAS services they provide’. ‘From 1 July 2012 all tax practitioners should begin their continuing professional education in accordance with the Board’s policy to maintain their professional knowledge and skills’, he said. ‘All agents should maintain a record as evidence of their CPE from 1 July 2012’. ‘CPE activities can include attending seminars and conferences, reading or presenting technical publications or undertaking internet-based courses,’ Mr Boucher said. ‘Over a standard three year registration period tax agents should undertake a minimum of 90 hours of CPE, while BAS agents should undertake a minimum of 45 hours’.

The policy applies to all registered tax and BAS agents. From 1 July 2013 the TPB will start to ask agents how they comply with the CPE policy.

For more information about the CPE policy or agents obligations under the Code can be found on the Boards website

To help you maintain your CPE, attend our Seminars, Courses or a Webinar – more details throughout our web site of topics and dates, or contact us on 02 6215 9710 to discuss your options.