Learn Calxa in a day manual

Learn Calxa in a day manual


The manual covers the following subject matter

  • Understanding the Calxa product options
  • The foundations of budgeting
  • How to link your data and understanding the key integration points
  • Laying good foundations in your accounting software
  • Terminology and settings
  • Setting, maintaining and modifying a Budget
  • Working with overall and divisional or project budgets
  • Key reports to use, incl. saving, sending and working with multiple reports
  • What are Account Trees and how to effectively use them.
  • How to work with multiple budgets
  • Understand the key drivers of cash
  • How to report on and manage your cash using key features
  • Working with and creating your own Key Performance indicators
  • Why use Metrics and where to set up
  • Automating reports using bundling
  • Reporting – consolidations
  • Customising reports
  • The concept of unit cost reporting

The total page count for each manual is 262 pages