The team at AMC Training Centre have been assisting their clients for more that 25 years in the selection, implementation, training and use of accounting and business information systems. The new AMC Training Centre is the coming together of business founded by Pam Chilman and John Gillespie.

A firm of the future that provides clients with convenient and affordable solutions that focuses on:

  1. Providing clients with quality learning methods
  2. Developing professional & knowledgeable consulting staff
  3. Creating a modern & high-tech training environment
  4. Carrying out reviews of existing software and manual information systems
  5. Assisting clients in the development & implementation of modern integrated cloud-based solutions

Both Pam & John have run successful professional firms for more than 25 years that have assisted small & medium business. With their clients needing to embrace the rapidly developing capability of accounting and information management software they saw the need to combine their skill sets and resources and so in September 2018 John & Pam joined forces and become one team.