Excel tips to make you look good!

Try one of these three handy Excel features:

1. Paste Special with Formulas

Let’s say you have a large amount of numbers in decimal format that you want to show as percentages. The problem is that number 1 should not be 100%, however that is what Excel gives to you if you click on the % Style button. You want that 1 to be 1%, so you have to divide it by 100… this is where Paste Special is handy! Type 100 in a cell and copy it, then select all the numbers you want to reformat.Then select Paste Special and click the ‘Divide’ button and hooray, you have numbers converted to percentages!


2. Hide a whole sheet

Often when working in Excel, you can get loaded with lots of worksheets. Hide a sheet can be useful rather than deleting it, especially when using the data contained on that sheet. Simply right click on the bottom sheet tab and select Hide. When you need to find it again, go back to the View Tab at the top and select Unhide, selecting the sheet name from the list appearing.


3. Conditional formatting

When working with lots of data and wondering where the key areas are eg ratings, lowest/highest etc, Conditional formatting can do a range of options including colour coding a table, to putting a border around, or build a graph to give better visuals!


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