Effective Cashflow Management

Struggle with inadequate cashflow or high cash use?
Trading at a loss… or just don’t know, but never enough cash?
Changed business model impacting on cash flow?
With the recent changes in the world, understanding your cash flow can be the difference between business survival, growth or struggling. In this 'Effective Cashflow Management' workshop we will ensure you understand the triggers that impact an organisations cash flow and are armed with helpful tips on how to better manage the flow in and out. 

Everything you need for the workshop is all included: printed workbook, pens, pads, tip sheets, great content delivered by a knowledgeable and highly experienced trainer, as well as morning tea.
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Target Audience:

  • Anyone managing business cashflow
  • Relevant to all industries
  • Whilst this workshop has been designed for all businesses and organisations, however is best suited to those with a turnover of less than $2M, relevant to all business owners or those managing the finances of an organisation

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop management practices to help the organisation succeed
  • Understand the current operational cash flow
  • Determine how to apply the 'Cash Flow canvas' action tool in your organisation
  • Learn how to plan for change
  • Understand the triggers to improve cashflow

Learning Methods:

Program Benefits:


  • Introduction to cashflow fundamentals
  • Understanding your business model
  • Budgeting and record keeping tips
  • Funding your business or organisation
  • Managing your cashflow strategies
  • Planning the regular financial commitments
  • Tracking your business performance and cashflow
  • The 'Cashflow Canvas' process
  • Developing your action Plan

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