Day 1 - Calxa Foundations

Cashflow - Budgeting tool for business.

This course was previously delivered as part of the 'Learn Calxa in a Day' course, but with the expansion and of the software the content also expanded. It is now delivered as a two day course. Day 1 - Foundations of Calxa and Day 2 - Ramp up your reporting using Calxa 

Need to get your head around Calxa fast? Calxa Foundations will get you started and help you build a solid foundation for working with the software. With loads of content for all users at all levels.  

In any business, time is money so why not get an extensive overview of the program and learn the great features in a day! We take you through the latest version of Calxa in a hands-on, interactive classroom setting designed to make the day informative and enjoyable.

Everything you need for the day is all included: printed manual, pens, pads, great content delivered by a knowledgeable and highly experienced trainer, as well as morning and afternoon teas, along with a delicious lunch for the full day courses.
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We also offer this as an online course as follows: 
Online delivered as three x2 hour sessions: (for more details check out the link below)
Session 1: Fundamentals of budgeting using Calxa
Session 2: Ramp up your reporting using Calxa

Session 3: Remarkable Reporting in Calxa 


Target Audience:

  • Business owners and financial controllers 
  • Existing users wanting to benefit from the great timesaving tools in the software, instead of double handing data
  • New or inexperienced users of Calxa keen to prepare budgets and cash flow information
  • Those needing to improve their financial management of funded projects

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the foundations of budgeting
  • Laying good foundations in your accounting software
  • Terminology and settings
  • Linking your data and understanding the key integration points
  • Setting, maintaining and modifying a budget
  • Working with overall and divisional or project budgets
  • Working with multiple budgets and tools to automate the process
  • Using key reports effectively
  • Understanding and working with KPI's

Learning Methods:

Program Benefits:


Upcoming Workshops

Name Date Time Location Cost
Day 1 - Calxa Foundations 30 August 2022 09:00 am - 04:00 pm AMC Training Centre $499.00