5 - Incident Investigation - Site Inspection Workshop

Incident sites are dynamic – rarely do they remain the same for very long.  After ensuring that personnel are alright and confirming any hazards are under control, the Investigation Team needs to determine very quickly “what did it look like at the time of the incident?”… Not after the rescue, recovery, clean-up etc. has been conducted
Knowing what to look for at an incident scene quickly and how to record that data is crucial to the credibility of evidence collected during an investigation.  Evidence does not remain in-situ for long and Investigators need to ensure they collect data quickly before changes are made and evidence is compromised, destroyed or goes missing.  
This workshop will provide a methodical approach to the Immediate Actions and Site Inspection requirements during an investigation integrated into a practical (mock) incident scene.

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Target Audience:

This workshop is designed for personnel who may be among the first responders to an incident and are responsible for the immediate actions in relation to the investigation after any emergency response is complete.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Assessing if the site is safe to commence the investigation
  • Identification of conditions and controls relevant to the incident
  • Preparation of incident scene diagrams and incident photography
  • Immediate Actions and compilation of Evidence Registers

Learning Methods:

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