7 - Incident Investigation - Witness Interviewing Workshop

How much weight can you place on information from witnesses to an incident?   How can you prepare to maximise the potential benefit from witness accounts?  What questions should you ask?  What do you do when accounts from different witnesses differs?  Information from witnesses can be valuable, however, there are many considerations to be taken into account.
Obtaining information from key witnesses during an incident investigation can be challenging, particularly when information from various sources does not align.  This workshop will provide a structured approach to witness interviewing and a method to weigh up and compare different accounts or inconsistencies.

Everything you need for the day is all included: printed manual, pens, pads, great content delivered by a knowledgeable and highly experienced trainer, as well as morning and afternoon teas, along with a delicious lunch for the full day courses.
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Target Audience:

This workshop is designed for personnel who are required to conduct witness interviews as part of incident investigations.  

Learning Outcomes:

  • Effective interviewing techniques
  • Styles of interviewing
  • Hierarchy of Questioning
  • Weighing and assessing information from witness interviews
  • Dealing with conflicting information from witnesses

Learning Methods:

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