Microsoft Word Webinar - Creating Accessible Documents in Microsoft Office

Did you know that Microsoft Office has long contained features to aid in creating accessible documents, spreadsheets and presentations?

For many people with vision impairments, and who use assistive technologies such as screen readers, accessibility is what makes computer use possible.  Because documents are often viewed electronically, it is important for them to be created with accessibility in mind. 

In fact, organisations have legal and compliance obligations under the Australian Disability Discrimination Act 1992, and the Australian Government’s Web Accessibility National Transition Strategy.

These features include the Accessibility Checker for Word, Excel and PowerPoint that helps users create more accessible content. It identifies areas in the document that might be challenging for users with disabilities to view or use, and provides a task pane to review those areas so that users can fix any content before publishing or finalising.


Target Audience:

Anyone wishing to build their understanding in Microsoft Office and increase the accessibility of your documents for your clients

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create documents within The Microsoft Office range that can be accessed and viewed by any user electronically.

Learning Methods:

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