Microsoft Excel Webinar - Fantastic ways with Formulas & Functions in EXCEL

1 Hour Webinar Session Lots of learning, from the convenience of your computer! Learn how to create and use formulas effectively. Formulas are the keystone of Excel, so let us show you how to develop your expertise in this area, with our concise one hour webinar. 

The real magic of Excel lies in the use of formulas. Unlike Word, which is designed for word processing, Excel allows you to process and display numbers. It can perform simple equations through to the most complex. Excel also contains several hundred pre-programmed formulas, known as Functions, for performing complex operations

All you need is a computer, internet connection and some uninterrupted time for about one hour.


Target Audience:

Anyone wishing to get more out of Formulas & Functions in Microsoft Excel product

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand Data Functions such as LOOKUP
  • Quickly finding data in your data lists
  • Useful tips with using Logical Functions such as IF and OR that can be used for decision making scenarios

Learning Methods:

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