MYOB - Inventory Management using MYOB

To ensure that you are more confident in managing your inventory and making full use of MYOB’s features - enrol today!

Everything you need for the day is all included: printed manual, pens, pads, great content delivered by a knowledgeable and highly experienced trainer, as well as morning and afternoon teas, along with a delicious lunch for the full day courses.
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Target Audience:

  • Business operators needing to learn the correct processes of tracking stock movements with supporting records.
  • Existing MYOB users wishing to get more out of the system
  • Managers of inventory wanting to use the new features to their full potential, including better reporting.
  • MYOB users who need to better track Purchase orders, Backorders and Customer orders
  • Finance officers wanting to understand the entries created by Inventory behind the screen.
  • MYOB for Building industry

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create Items and set up opening balances
  • Purchase and sell products
  • Perform inventory stocktakes
  • Transfers and adjusting inventory balances so as to not put your accounts out
  • Reconcile inventory and run various reports
  • Manage inventory across multiple locations
  • How to correctly account for errors, damaged stock, giveaways and a range of other adjustments

Learning Methods:

Program Benefits:


Upcoming Workshops

Name Date Time Location Cost
MYOB - Inventory Management using MYOB 21 September 2021 09:00 am - 05:00 pm AMC Training Centre $499.00