Continuing professional education requirements for registered tax and BAS agents

The TPB Explanatory Paper TPB(EP) 04/2012 outlines:
Continuing professional education policy requirements for registered tax and BAS agents from 30 June 2013

Examples of CPE activities include:

  • seminars, workshops, webinars, courses and lectures
  • structured conferences and discussion groups (including those completed by telephone or video conference)
  • tertiary courses provided by universities, registered training organisations (RTOs), other registered higher education institutions or other approved course providers (including distance learning)
  • other educational activities, provided by an appropriate organisation
  • research, writing and presentation by the registered agent of technical publications or structured training
  • peer review of research and writing submitted for publication or presentation in structured training
  • computer/internet-assisted courses, audiotape or videotape packages
  • attendance at structured in-house training on tax related subjects by persons or organisations with suitable qualifications and/or practical experience in the subject area covered

Registered BAS agents should complete a minimum of 45 hours of CPE over three years. CPE completed should be relevant to the BAS services provided by the registered BAS agent.
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