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Calxa for MYOB Users

Start the financial year with a plan and make use of tools that can assist you with working towards your goals!

Calxa is an excellent add-on tool that can assist you with fantastic multi-column reports and comparative budgets for 10 years. No more re-keying data!

Have up to date comparative budget reports in the press of a button. With its simple link to your MYOB data creating budgets isSubmit a breeze with Calxa (formally MoneyManager). You can build your budget from previous actual results, fine-tune it and then seriously use it to manage your business. Once you have created your budget it is a simple task each month to open Calxa, refresh your MYOB information and then run your reports – quickly see how you did compared to your budget and what your updated forecasts tell you.

Well priced with both single and multi-user options, Calxa is a ‘must have’ product for anyone needing to report on budget and comparitive actuals! Take your MYOB data to the next level and contact us today!

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