***Books in a Bubble***



We are excited to invite you to this years special event 'Books in a Bubble' that addresses the changes in the bookkeeping profession, technology and related financial systems. After the success of our past events we are excited to be hosting again! Our line up of informative topical speaking being experts in their field will provide an update on the latest trends around bookkeeping and financial matters, keeping you in touch within the profession. A MUST ATTEND EVENT to avoid being left behind, with this ever changing world of legislation, bookkeeping, automation and financial systems! Hear from our special, handpicked guest speakers - not to be missed!

As Charles Darwin said "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. it is the one that is most adaptable to change".

With constant changes to the way we engage with the ATO and the payroll reporting requirements, you will need to gain an understand of what you need to do, how often to report and how your software will help with finding efficiencies. We can help you - BOOK TODAY for this important and informative event at The Southern Cross Club, Woden ACT, from 1pm on Thursday 27th February 2020.
  • AusKey changes – keep in touch with the ever changing world in which we engage in.  AusKey is being retired on 1st April 2020 changing to a new service called ‘RAM’ so it is important to understand the changes by attending to hear from our special guest speaker, Colin Walker, Assistant Commissioner ATO. Learn about how to ensure the transition is a smooth one, on what the change means to the digital experience and authentication processes, and related security matters.
  • STP – so what now? Jason Lucchese, Assistant Commissioner, Single Touch Payroll, Superannuation and Employer Obligations, Australian Taxation Office, will provide an update on the first year in STP, its impact on Superannuation for both business and personal, along with working together to manage debt, in light of the introduction of STP.  Join us as our special guest speaker will provide an update, discuss these and your burning questions around current ATO hot topics, with a follow on discussion on how to best manage in your software solution.
  • Changes in Payroll - last year we presented on the introduction of the 'casual conversion' clause and how that affects the rights and obligations of employers. This year you will want to attend to understand and be prepared for more changes and impacts on your payroll processes and contracts.
  • Show me the Money - in the next five years we will see more change in payments that we have seen in the past fifty years, enabling small business with enhanced payment technology to better manage cash in and out of their businesses. Stay up to date with the changing technology to understand how this applies to business
  • Keep up with all the terminology used in bookkeeping and its related technology 
  • PLUS much more

The event commences at 1 pm, followed by drinks around 5 pm (bubbles and beer) at the end of the presentations (until approx 6 pm) BOOK TODAY FOR OUR EARLY BIRD OFFER - expires soon!

Early Bird Tickets: $269.00
Standard price: $299.00

NOTE: This event is not specific to any one accounting software product but will be relevant to all business owners, bookkeepers (employed and BAS Agents) and Tax Agents to provide an update on the profession.