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Special event on key changes affecting bookkeeping in 2019

This popular seminar will help you answer a simple question: how compliant are you? With the legislated extra (and changed) payroll reporting requirements, understand what you need to do, how often to report and how your software will help with finding efficiencies with this new pay run process as well as how the Payment Summary process will change for many as early as this June.

26 February 2019
01:00pm – 05:00pm

Special Guest Speakers

After the success of our past events, we will again have a range of informative speakers. Each presenter is an expert in their field and will provide an update on the latest trends, all around bookkeeping to keep you in touch with the profession.

Connecting with the ATO
Connecting with the ATO

Keep in touch with the digital experience on how to best engage including Auskey/AusID, changes to authentication processes, security, and working together to manage debt, especially in light of the introduction of STP. Colin Walker, Assistant Commissioner returns as our special guest speaker to provide an update, discuss these and your burning questions around current ATO hot topics.

Single Touch Payroll
Single Touch Payroll (STP)

For ALL employers is fast approaching – we are delighted to welcome Michel Karavas, the Director of ATO’s STP Design team for an update on the experience from larger employers, including understanding what is required now for all employers of all sizes, as well as an opportunity to provide feedback to the ATO. Pam Chilman from AMC Training Centre will follow on to explain how the most commonly used SME accounting systems will cater for the required (new) reporting processes and the steps to carry out in order to be ready in plenty of time.

Changes in Payroll

With the introduction of the ‘casual conversion’ clause in October 2018, that affects the rights and obligations of employers you will want to attend this session to understand and be prepared for employee requests and any impacts on your payroll processes and contracts.

Show me the Money
Show me the Money

In the next five years we will see more change in payments that we have seen in the past fifty years, enabling small business with enhanced payment technology to better manage cash in and out of their businesses. Stay up to date with the changing technology to understand how this applies to business


What makes a great Superannuation fund and how does an organisation select a Default Fund, are some funds better than others, and what are the key features that matter to employees… are just some of the areas covered in this informative session

Plus more
PLUS much more

Keep up with all the terminology used in bookkeeping and its related technology