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Selecting software

Which accounting software is best for me? and where do I start?

Getting started in business is an exciting time, but can also be daunting too
Or you may have been in business some time and realised that there are lots of options available, so considering a change or update

Usually once you start planning your systems you start realising how many different areas you need to be across!

One important area to get started early on, are tools to help you manage your finances. Whilst some advisors suggest you getting started with Excel, with so many cost-effective, easy to get started options, why wouldn't you get organised from day one, with one of the small business accounting systems on the market. Your accountant may be suggesting one product, your friends another one, and then you have done some research online and found a heap more products to consider...but which one is right for you?

Areas to consider in your selection are:
1. Desktop vs internet access,
2. Will you be employing staff,

Make a list of the tasks or features you require the product to be able to help you with.
With this information contact us at AMC and we can provide you with guidance on which options to review as well as provide you trial logins to try before you buy
Then if you need a hand with getting started, we have options available to kick start you

Over the past 20 years we have assisted businesses from small through to large organisations, from getting started, through to transitioning from one system to another  - and we don't just supply software then leave you. Our services include ongoing support.

We look forward to assisting you from getting started during this exciting time in business, through to growth and other stages!

<<<<< Contact us today to discuss dates and times - RING 02 6215 9710 >>>>


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